The Mr.Oblivious INactivity Book.
Coloring pages, Games, Puzzles and fun in
the way only Mr.Oblivious can bring!

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About Mr.Oblivious.

As with most things, Mr.Oblivious began with a question. How many times can you tell the same joke and still make it funny (or at least reasonable funny?) and could it be done in a comic strip? It never dawned on me growing up how many cartoons I watched that were the same story with just a different take. Who's in the mask this week? What wacky invention will the Coyote try today? The list goes on and on. I loved them anyway no matter how many times I watched and still do.


Obviously, Mr.Oblivious is not getting updated anymore but I invite you to take a look around and enjoy all the comics I made off and on for nearly 10 years!

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